Thee Kavaliers – Symbols of Sin

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Thee Kavaliers were a band that hailed out of the McAllen, Texas area during the mid to late 60’s. Like many of the bands of the era, they recorded several 45’s out of a studio in the garage of Jimmy Nichols, whose home was on the corner of 10th Street and Dallas Avenue in McAllen.

Nichols would release these recordings under his label Pharoah Records, preserving a time between 1965 and 1967 when the area became a hotbed for original 60’s garage rock and doo wop for posterity.

Thee Kavaliers, along with bands like The Headstones, The Playboys of Edinburg, The Invaders, and the Cruisers were blazing a musical trail in the Rio Grande Valley for a bright shining moment. Read more here  or pick up a copy of this CD released in 2011 that collects the best of Pharoah Records.

We’ll be covering the rich musical legacy of the Rio Grande Valley in an upcoming issue of Encore.

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