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The Equations

The Equations
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Carving a niche and maintaining their roots...

by John Justice

My heart is filled with warmth, and my brain is filled with variations of the Mega Man theme song. No, not because I’ve been reminiscing about my Nintendo-filled childhood, but because I’ve just spent the last few hours with Mercedes-based recording artists, The Equations.

By far the most fun-loving group I’ve had the chance to interview, Mibo, Robert, Rigo and Ed have carved out a very original niche in our local music scene. A self-proclaimed mix of power pop, new wave, alternative rock and “sleepycore,”

The Equations certainly aren’t confined to just one sound.

I’m always impressed that all four members have full-time jobs, yet make the time to come together and create original music. When I asked Robert why he makes such an effort to play music he said, “I love entertaining people, even if I (only) make them laugh ‘cause I look like a fool with the bass, moving around a lot.”


It’s this kind of attitude and drive to perform that sets The Equations apart from other local bands. If The Equations were running next to you in the Olympics and you tripped, there’s a pretty good chance they’d stop to help you up. They’d also, no doubt, make a handful of jokes about themselves running to make you feel better, too.

eqposterThe world is filled with too many bands trying to make it to “the top,” or be someone besides who they really are. The Equations have the courage to be themselves. Not only do they create music full of lyrical depth and artistic expression, but they also manage to sustain a subtle homegrown feeling, and this authentic overtone permeates their tracks.

The Equations are definitely a band worth checking out for your self.

The unique live environment at their shows will be reward enough for your trip to see them. If you haven’t seen them live, they’ll be playing next at “Fiesta De Los Muertos” on Jackson on November 5th You can also check out a few of their tracks, as well as get your fill of The Equations’ info on Facebook @ Be on the lookout for their latest album, Prepare To Fire, getting ready to drop in mid-Nov.

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