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In the Reggae-Dub Style

by Jim

A freestyle mix of reggae, hip-hop and alternative rock, Supertree has a sound that can get any bar or party up on their feet. Vocalist/Guitarist Mike Landeros, Bassist John Justice (who plays on a SEVEN string bass) and Drummer Allen Lingesjo, all from Harlingen, formed after the departure of Sons of The Beach. They have been busy hitting the valley’s favorite hot spots from South Padre to McAllen and are home town favorites at Papa Joe’s and Baloos. After a nice drinking session with the guys and some “aroma” therapy I got some answers to a few questions about this up and rising band.


enCORE: First off, what’s the story behind the name? What is SUPERTREE?

SUPERTREE: (Mike) When we were thinking of names John and I wanted something that could define us as a band. When you come to a show you’re going to have a super good time. The tree is the essence, the music that branches out. (John) We wanted something that sounded positive, organic and earthy. Of course tree can mean other things. The great thing is it can be left up to interpretation.

enCORE: Cool I get it. I just think of a really big green plant. So what artists are you guys inspired by? What are you listing to these days?

SUPERTREE: Well we’re all big Slightly Stoopid fans, that’s for sure, but we’re also big fans off the older reggae music. Guys like Barrington Levy, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh and of course Bob Marley.

enCORE: Individually who inspires you on your instruments? And John, what’s up with that seven string bass? It’s insane.

SUPERTREE: (Mike) Rest in Peace, Brad Nowell of Sublime, is someone I look up to as far as playing guitar. I liked his style, his distortion. (Allen) As far as drummers: Carter Beauford from the Dave Matthews Band, and Jojo Mayer. (John) Yeah, my seven string is a signature model from Bill Dickens. He’s known as “The Buddha of Bass”. I’m also really influenced by Victor Wooten, as well as Kyle from Slightly Stoopid. Those two have to be my main influences.


enCORE: What’s been your favorite place to play?

SUPERTREE: Papa Joe’s!

enCORE : Best show?

SUPERTREE: (John) I remember this one show, we were playing in Kerrville, Texas and the mood was so lively that this guy right here, Mr. Mikey, jumped off stage and started dancing with everyone in the crowd while playing guitar. It was pretty awesome.

enCORE: So what are the future plans for Supertree?

SUPERTREE: We’re currently in the recording process right now. We hope to put out a demo with our originals by July and make that the beginning tracks of a really well done album.


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