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by John Justice

On a commonly humid night in McAllen Texas, outside the famous Cine El Rey Theater, enCore publisher Daniel Wright and I pushed our way through the crowd, throwing elbows when we had to, and made our way backstage… where the rock-stars live.

Hundreds of local youth, just like my friend and I, had come out to see the show, headlined by national recording artists Miniature Tigers. But as soon as McAllen’s own Sick/Sea made their way to the stage, the subject of who was headlining quickly became anybody’s guess.


I got a chance to talk with Audrey, Cameron, and Miguel later that night after they rocked it and left the crowd wanting more. The first thing I noticed was how calm The Seas were only moments after fulfilling every bands dream of blasting screaming teenagers in the face with rock and roll for an hour. Their down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor made the concert seem like just another day at the office for this liquid trio.

Here’s a little bit of our conversation that night:

enCore: You guys are a band in the valley, what drives you to perform? There’s not a whole lot of lime-light down here.

Audrey: It drives us to perform down here, (knowing) that there aren’t a lot of local bands… so we have a bit of an advantage. It’s harder to have a crowd in Austin because it’s… so saturated there.

Cameron: Inspiring people is the main thing that keeps me going. Playing shows and writing music, music we love… I hope, personally, we can inspire people to make their own music.

Audrey: (Another thing would be) even the fact that… you don’t see a lot of females in     bands. I hope I can inspire some girls to pick up the guitar and learn how to play.


Sick/Sea mixes Indie, Pop, and good old Rock and Roll into heart-felt songs and an exciting stage show. If you haven’t seen them yet you’ll have to wait, as they’re away on yet another national tour! But make sure you send them positive vibrations on the road by smiling while you listen to their new album, “Oh Ship,” five tracks of rippling

You can buy “Oh Ship,” hear bonus tracks, watch video, and learn everything you want to know about Sick/Sea at


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