Quelle Boutique

Quelle Boutique
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Each month we will feature a different business from the Historic Downtown District of Harlingen, Texas.


by Rachel Udow

“I used to dream about shopping at a place like this – a place with bold colors, eclectic styles, a bohemian feel, and affordable prices. I woke up one morning and realized that store in those dreams was mine!”

Kelly Hill Sanchez, owner of Quelle Boutique located at 117 E. Jackson Street, smiles brightly as she remembers the beginnings of her women’s clothing shop in Downtown Harlingen. Kelly’s shop is a retail reflection of her personality – sunny, inviting, and free-spirited. She opened Quelle Boutique in 2007 and moved the shop to its current location in 2010.


The building, which was the longtime home of Wally’s Shoes, is now tastefully packed with vibrant, unique clothes and accessories, from vintage wedding dresses to funky hats and jewelry from around the world. Every visit to Quelle Boutique is a treasure hunt; Kelly receives shipments of new items twice a week, so even shoppers already familiar with the thousands of pieces in her shop will encounter fresh finds. Prices are always negotiable.


“I want all my customers to be able to take home pieces they love,” Kelly explains, but the big 50% off sale occurs the first Saturday of the month during Jackson Street Market Days.

Customers of Quelle Boutique visit the shop as much for the experience as the great finds. As one customer put it: “I love stopping by [Quelle Boutique]. Kelly always makes me feel welcome. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I know I’ll leave Quelle Boutique feeling uplifted.”


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  1. kay July 1, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Nice review of a one-of-a-kind outstanding boutique run by a one-of-a-kind outstanding proprietor!
    Kelly Sanchez is a true jewel.


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